We nurture, you grow!

The SME Technopreneur Centre is is Cyberjaya’s answer to Malaysia’s renewed focus on SMEs as the engine for national growth. Armed with the latest IT infrastructure, full-fledged multimedia and connectivity facilities, the SME Technopreneur Centre represents the ideal starting point for innovation-based enterprises and the nucleus for the nation’s SME technopreneur growth.

Managed and owned by Cyberview, these buildings were developed in line with the Government’s aspirations to provide office space to small and medium sized enterprises (“SMEs”) at competitive and affordable rental rates that start at RM2.50 per sq. ft; which is inclusive of support services and building maintenance.

The features incorporated as part of the buildings include helpdesk, meeting rooms, board rooms, seminar rooms, reading lounge, gymnasium, data centre, free open space parking, common lobby and free internet hotspot. Both buildings have round-the-clock security system that come equipped with CCTV and manned by security personnel.

The SME Technopreneur Centre does not comprise merely physical buildings, it also includes a total comprehensive support system for the SMEs operating within and a dedicated team providing support services to tenants via a ‘one stop interface’, which serves to nurture and facilitate the growth of the SME companies located within this cluster.

The SME Development programmes available for free for SMEs in SME Tech Centre are:

SME Technopreneur Centre 1 & 2

Since the opening of SME 1 in 2005, our SME buildings have enjoyed 95-98% occupancy due to its extremely affordable rental rates, which include maintenance charges and various shared facilities. The third SME building launched in April 2011 is now more than 90% occupied.

The first two SME buildings have a total of 299 units of varying rentable offices space from 613 sqft to 4,413 sqft linked in a U-shaped cluster around a landscaped courtyard. The Centre is equipped with business essentials such as 2 shared boardrooms, meeting rooms, 24-hour security services, on-site food & beverage outlets, Internet hotspots and network scalability.

Our SME tenants and guests are also provided with free outdoor parking, fitness and recreational facilities, alongside 24/7 Dedicated Transportation System, as well as a 24-hour CCTV system linked directly to the Malaysian Emergency Response System (MERS999).

SME Technopreneur Centre 3

To meet the demand for tenancy in the SME Technopreneur Centre, the SME3 was launched in April 2011 based on an open-plan office concept that will afford established SMEs the flexibility and option to create their own ideal working environments, while offering SMEs the same facilities that tenants at SME1 and SME2 enjoy.

SME3 is ideal for SMEs in the midst of expansion, or who require larger spaces than boutique businesses do. The 4-storey office complex building consisting of 16 separate office units is built with the idea of providing convenience at no compromise to flexibility. Four office areas are available on every level ranging from 1,901 sqft to 3,229 sqft.